FDA Insider Alerts Review- Is Kyle Dennis’ Program Legit?

Learn How Kyle Turned $15,253 into $3.7 Million…

Really?!? A Strategy To ‘Beat’ The Stock Market and Capture Significant Gains With An Easy To Follow System… That Also Works For Beginners And Experienced Traders Alike…

fda insider alerts review daytradinginsider - FDA Insider Alerts Review- Is Kyle Dennis’ Program Legit?

That last statement may seem a little far fetched… And it is for most of these types of systems… But once we investigated Kyle’s FDA Insider Alerts, we found out he is the real deal. Our first inclination was that right off the bat, he shows his personal tax returns from 2016 that show he earned $1,123,659 in Trading Profits in a Single Year (To this day, he is the only trader personally running an alert service that we have seen release their tax return for everyone to see).

What do you get for your money with FDA Insider Alerts?

FDA Insider Alerts uses a proven 3-step process to identify biotech stocks with upside potential weeks before they skyrocket. This service focuses on 1 – 4 week hold periods and is best for traders with full time jobs.

After you join, you will receive…

  • A Daily Watch List directly from Kyle showing the Biotech Stocks He is Watching and Their Corresponding FDA Event.
  • Actionable Expert Commentary and Tips.
  • Priority Catalyst Buy Alerts– Via Email + Text. Kyle sends you an email and text message every time he buys (or sells) an FDA Insider Alert.
  • Priority Catalyst Sell Alerts– Via Email + Text. Kyle also sends you an email and text alert every time he sells an FDA Insider Alert.
  • Educational Video Library and Guides– In addition to all of this, you will also receive access to hours worth or highly educational videos so YOU will know exactly how to find these catalyst trades yourself and get insight into the mind of a Millionaire Trader.
  • 1 – 4 Week Stock Holds

You will also discover The Market-Proven 3-Step System Kyle personally uses to score profitable swing trades day in and day out – and how to use it to make huge gains yourself.


First, we look for what is called a “Catalyst Event”. This can be seen as the fundamental reason why a stock would go up. Typically, this is an exciting event or data release that can be expected in the near future.

The next step is to take the fundamental catalyst event found in Step 1, and pair it with a “Bullish Chart Pattern“. This can be a simple momentum, breakout, or reversal pattern that we see arising for a specific stock.

Finally, we do some additional research, so we can define the most logical buy, hold, and sell zones based on the specific risk involved. Our goal is to identify situations which have the best risk-to-reward profiles!

So we have already explained Kyle’s proven system and he is ready to teach you everything you need to know to implement it (In addition to sending you Daily Watch Lists and Buy and Sell Alerts). The question is… Are you ready to Learn? If you answered yes, Click Here To Get It Now.

After all, how many Millionaire Traders are willing to show you their tax return and personally teach you the strategy they used to capture these gains AND send buy and sell alerts?!?

That’s right, No one else.

Kyle 2016 Tax Return - FDA Insider Alerts Review- Is Kyle Dennis’ Program Legit?


So who is Kyle Dennis Anyways?

kyle pic - FDA Insider Alerts Review- Is Kyle Dennis’ Program Legit?

Dennis is best known for turning a fairly small $15K trading account into well over $1 million in just a few years as a premium member of Jason Bonds Picks.

During that time, Kyle perfected his technical trading and fundamental research skills – both necessities for self-sufficient traders.

In 2016 alone, he leveraged his larger portfolio to capture over $1M in profits – averaging over $3K per day that year.

As a result of his incredible success as both a mentor and trader, he now runs his own service and teaches his 3-step plan that he used to turn $15,253 into $3,729,076.

We have come across tons of stock newsletter services, but Kyle’s is the only one that we have found and seen repeatable success with. Since joining Kyle’s program in late August of 2017, We have grown a $48K account into $80K (as of 3/27/2018). An increase of 66% in 7 months. We only say this to show you that his service and teaching is worth more than its weight in gold.


Kyle is now 27 years old but is mature well past his age. He graduated from UCLA in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and $80,000 in student debt.

Trading stocks has changed Kyle’s life and the life of many of his students. If you want that for yourself, click here to learn more and join his service.

kyle.biotechebook - FDA Insider Alerts Review- Is Kyle Dennis’ Program Legit?

And for a limited time, he is giving you a Special Offer. At the end of his free training, you’ll get access to Kyle’s: Advanced Training Videos AND his $2.9 Million Playbook, Absolutely FREE!


Register Your Spot Now

What Others Are Saying About FDA Insider Alerts…

Kyle!!! I bought ONCS at $1.20 and sold at $2.10!!! I woke up with overwhelming profit!! Thank you sooo much for all your guidance with all your trades and all your educational materials. I’m forever grateful for this! Few months ago i signed up in your membership with a goal to save enough money for my full time school next year. Now, not only i’ve managed to save enough money but also, i am finally going home to Philippines to see my parents after 2 years!!! … 2 years!!!! Cause i couldn’t afford to go home before. I’d rather send money than pay for my flight!! I’m us


ing my profits from this one to buy myself a flight back home and take my mama and papa to a nice treat!!! Thank you thank you!! Thank you to Your team!!! Love you all!” – Ciara C.

In my opinion Kyle has no competition when it comes to teaching. He hits all the right buttons with his excellent teaching style and vastly superior manner. He’s 100 years old in a young man’s body.” – Keith E.

Bill Wright testimonial - FDA Insider Alerts Review- Is Kyle Dennis’ Program Legit?

Kyle, I want you to know that I appreciate and value the process of constructing trades that you are presenting. In my view, you take a calculated and patient approach to entering a trade & you are very patient & analytical about how you manage the trade. This reflects wisdom & experience, in my opinion. If this is how you have performed in the past in your swing trading & longer term trading, then you are mentoring your subscribers on a very important means by which to develop a successful style of trading. I for one am all in on learning how to plan and manage trades more profitably through your guidance.

In addition, i want to say that i really like how you communicate. I’ve been around the track many times (i’m 66, a semi-retired exec. who was originally a chemical engineer and i started to learn how to manage trading 2 1/2 yrs ago – so, i’m still a newbie.) Your demeanor, your ability to express yourself clearly & succinctly and your ability to know when communication is important & when it’s not are the reasons that i say this.

I’m really glad that i’m with you at the beginning of this because i know I’ll benefit from it as you grow in your ability to help people in trading. (But trading is just a way to make money for bigger purposes.)” – Thanks, Bill Wright


AVEO out at 2.10 from 1.49 very nice 47% up” – Duke Ashton

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Who is FDA Insider Alerts for?

Ok, so FDA Insider Alerts is for anyone who invests (or is thinking about investing) in Biotech Stocks. If you’ve already got a strategy that’s not quite hitting your goals, and if you’re struggling in to realize consistent returns, then this could be exactly what you’re looking for. In addition, if you want a strategy that makes money even when the markets are tough (and in these volatile times this is pretty much a crucial tactic), then FDA Insider Alerts can help you do just that.

The Pros and Cons of FDA Insider Alerts

The Pros

  • The service allows a regular person (that’s you and us) to take advantage of Kyle’s combined knowledge in science, finance, and technical charting to put together the best, high-potential Biotech trading opportunities.
  • Kyle continually scans the market for the best catalysts, and looks into a company’s financial filings to uncover the inside scoop on what it’s doing with its capital. These critical aspects of small-cap trading are typically overlooked by the vast majority of so-called experts, traders and investors. Especially beginners.
  • By using Kyle’s market-tested, systematic approach, he is committed to deliver his clients and subscribers trading opportunities that offer a high probability of success with favorable risk to reward ratios.
  • Kyle has a mission that goes beyond showing you the stocks he’s personally trading, he’ll also be teaching you how to research and pick companies on your own, so you can ultimately become an highly-successful trader who can build wealth independently.

The Cons

  • Well, whatever way you look at it, investing involves risk. And you should never risk more money than you can afford to lose. Right – lecture over… The key to serious profits from investing is to have proper risk management, and with Kyle’s systematic approach from FDA Insider Alerts, this is exactly what you’re doing. So if you’re in any way dissatisfied with your current trading strategy, then FDA Insider Alerts could be the missing piece to the puzzle that turns your fortunes around.

The Bottom Line

We must say, even if it pains us to do so, that our initial thoughts about FDA Insider Alerts being hyped up were very, very wrong. There is a reason Kyle has gone from $80,000 in College Debt to a Multi-Millionaire trader in a matter of a few years. And that’s because this strategy has helped him profit almost $3 million in verified profits over the last 4 years – period!

So if you’re fed up with not making the kind of returns you know are possible, then maybe FDA Insider Alerts is your new path forward. Once you’ve watched a few of his educational videos and review his daily watch lists, you really can manage your trades with confidence and put them on autopilot. And the returns? Well, they might be just what you’ve always dreamed of.

Kyle Dennis’ FDA Insider Alerts certainly gets a great big shout out from us – because putting it in a nutshell, it works…!

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What You Get When You Become an FDA Insider

imac kyles screen 1 - FDA Insider Alerts Review- Is Kyle Dennis’ Program Legit?

Daily FDA Events Watchlist

As an FDA Insider Alerts member, you’ll receive our exclusive watch list sent directly to your inbox. This carefully-researched list is driven by upcoming catalyst events. It shows you the exact stocks / companies Kyle Dennis is following, and helps you find and target high-potential trades in today’s fast-moving Biotech sector.

Expert Commentary + Tips

Unlike many self-proclaimed stock market experts, who talk the talk, but don’t really walk the walk, Kyle always puts his own money into each and every trade he recommends to members.

His intention is to be as transparent as possible, and that’s why he also sends you expert commentary, analysis, plus actionable advice specifically-designed to improve your trading results.

Educational Library + Guides

Kyle also teaches FDA you about a about a wide variety of topics that will help you become a more profitable trader and smarter investor.

Ultimately, Kyle wants to help you become a stock trading expert who’s able to independently find, research and trade stocks for optimum wealth accumulation while generating more and more consistent gains.

Catalyst Buy / Sell Alerts

Priority BUY / SELL Alerts will also be sent directly to your inbox with actionable intel on the exact stocks I’m personally trading. The volume of alerts fluctuates depending on market conditions.

These priority alerts will be delivered to you by both email and text message. In other words, now you won’t miss any more profitable trading opportunities.



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